Essential Oil Recipes

Glowing skin facial oil recipe

Smoother, glowing skin is something we all want right? !

This blend is my fave for that. I use it at night and the lavender is so soothing and gets me all sleepy too.
1 tablespoon Jojoba oil
5 drops DoTerra Lavender oil
5 drops DoTerra frankincense oil
5 drops DoTerra Copaiba oil

Combine all into a small bottle and apply to your face after cleansing each night. I can say hand on heart my skin has improved 100% since I started using this combination daily (morning and night instead of using mosituriser), to the point where I’m no longer wearing ake up every day to cover up my red skin! This is HUGE for me as I’ve always struggled with this and as a result always felt I had to out my makeup “mask” on every day to cover the redness!

Give it a go and see how good your skin starts to look after a week!

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