Essential Oil Recipes

My most used oils and favourite uses for them

I’ve always loved essential oils and the relief they bring, but recently I’ve become even more obsessed with them for the pure fact that they WORK!

I’m seeing first hand more and more people I know benefit from using them, so I thought I would share just a little bit about my most used oils and how I use each one.


Bergamot citrus

Anxiety relief

Mood booster

Afternoon pick me up

Immunity boost (high in vit C)


Vetiver oil

Deep Sleep inducer

Anxiety reliever

(Both backed by many clinical studies and scientific research)


Balance   (A blend of frankincense, chamomile, blue tansy, Osmanthus)

 An amazing grounding and uplifting blend for Anxiety, feelings of stress/tension, or depression. Or when feeling moody and irritable.  (Apply to the soles of your feet for instant relief).


Peppermint oil

For muscle aches and pains

For headaches and tension behind the neck and top of shoulders

For an energy boost  and to increase alertness and memory


Easy air

Respiratory blend – perfect for using when you have a cold or flu, opens up airways and brings instant relief, helping relieve congestion. Can be applied topically or diffused in a diffuser to saturate the air of the room you sleep in, to promote easy breathing throughout the night.


Ice blue

Intensive relief for muscle pain (natural non toxic deep heat) – Any activity that has required a lot of physical work, or any quite significant muscle pain (even from a previous injury) ; this is the one for you to use. A little bit also goes a long way.


Tea tree

Amazing at treating any type of cut or abrasion, insect stings (bee or wasp), or cold sores  – especially when combined with lavender.

Skin issues – dilute an apply to pimples


Lavender oil

Heals and reduces burns – apply topically immediately. Also perfect for sunburn for the same reason.

Combined with tea tree it is an instant treatment for any bites or stings

Relaxtion and sleep – especially in a blend with other sleep inducing oils.

Instant chill pill – inhale from the bottle or dab a drop on your wrists and inhale.


Clary sage

Muscle relaxant, and amazing for period pain

Hormone balancer

Mood lifter


Wild orange

Add to sleep blend for a calming blend

Use in the afternoon with bergamot and peppermint for a coffee free energy boost

Beautiful in the diffuser for a relaxing and cheerful smell in your environment



Cleaning – Makes surfaces sparkle, make your own spray cleaner with it,  or add to dishwasher rinse for a sparkly finish.

Immunity boost – add a drop to hot water first thing in the morning or whenever you feel a cold coming on.

If you’d like a hand getting some of these beautiful oils into your life, send me a message. I’d love to help you get started.

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