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Natural Hand Sanitiser Recipe

Using hand sanitizer is pretty common place these days – often highly over used – but what other ingredients are in these products? 

Did you know that most hand sanitisers contain an antibiotic compound called triclosan or triclocarban. Triclosan contributes to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Using hand sanitisers may actually lower your resistance to diseases by killing good bacteria, which helps protect against bad bacteria.
Hmmm that doesnt sound good does it!!

It doesn’t need to be this way..even just using an alcohol based sanitizer or anti-bacterial essential oils are a really great alternative to these commerical sanitizers that you find in most bathrooms and public places, or on your supermarket shelf.

Most hand sanitisers active ingredients consist of either ethanol or isopropanol, both forms of alcohol.

Alcohol kills most germs on contact without causing serious harm to the skin tissue, which makes it an effective active ingredient for hand sanitisers. Ethanol and isopropanol are antiseptics that kill germs by dissolving their essential proteins. This disrupts the normal cell activity of the germ, causing it to die.

So what about using a natural recipe instead? Something that WORKS while being gentle on your skin and non-toxic on your overall health!

You can very easily make your own using tea tree oil (a proven anti-bacterial oil) for your home, or taking with you on the go. Or my personal favourite anti-bacterial blend DoTerra ON GUARD

Below is the recipe for a convenient natural hand sanitiser  using my favourite anti bacterial essential oil blend ;

2-3 tablespoons aloe vera gel

15ml spray bottle –  fill half with water

25 drops Doterra On Guard essential oil

10 drops Doterra Lemon essential oil

Combine all ingredients together and mix. Transfer ingredients into squeeze bottle, roller bottle, jar or spray bottle.


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