You CAN sleep better and wake more refreshed…

when you have the right plan and support


What do others say about the Fix Your Sleep Handbook?

“Until I read your book I had been taking a very long time to fall asleep, waking through the night and falling asleep in the afternoon from exhaustion. You came highly recommended from a family member and I’m so grateful because those easy to follow tips have changed everything for me.

I had pretty much given up hope that my lack of sleep would ever change.

Now each night I’m asleep within minutes, sleeping right through and no longer falling asleep in the afternoon!”  E. Taranaki.NZ


“As an often overly worked and stressed teacher I sort help and support from Well and Nourished. I’ve frequently had issues with lack of sleep and this is often compounded by extra stress worrying about children in the class and other school activities. There is nothing better than gaining much-needed support and personal help. The advice I was given was of high class and has supported my sleep to a much-needed improved level and continues to support my general well-being. The products recommended by Kate are of exceptional quality and do exactly the job as she described them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company and the personalized support one gets from here.” – Claire, Auckland, NZ.

The Fix Your Sleep Handbook is an easy to follow guide that will get you sleeping better in no time!

Sleep gives you a sharper brain, boosts your mood, helps weight control, lays the foundation for energy, and so much more!

Get your sleep back on track with my key tips and proven supplement protocol to get you sleeping well every night

You Will Learn:


•Why you aren’t sleeping and how you can turn it around

•Which tried and true supplements can get you back to sleeping well – without having to waste money trying out a whole bunch of products that don’t provide results!

•The essential oils that studies back for relaxation and deep sleep

•10 tips for a successful sleep every night

•How sleep affects your weight

•Lifestyle factors impacting your sleep

•What vital mistakes are causing your sleep issues

•Why sleeping pills are not the answer


Sleeping well has never been easier! Experience a turn-around with your sleep today!