Functional Testing

From stool testing, hormone and metabolite testing, hair mineral analysis or heavy metal testing – functional testing provides a definitive way to pin point what is going on inside your body – and takes out the guesswork.

DUTCH hormone testing – A comprehensive and top of the line technology when it comes to hormone testing – Outweighing blood testing completely. This 24 hour urine test gives a detailed picture as to what levels your hormones are but also the metabolites and pathways are being used. Are you utilising your nutrients properly? Are your liver detox pathways working correctly? What are your melatonin levels ( these affect sleep) or cortisol (essential for energy, too much also can effect energy and overall health negatively; high stress raises cortisol).  Available tests using the dutch system are : Sleep profile, Female 28 day cycle profile, Hormone profile, Adavanced adrenal assesment and Male hormone profile

Hair mineral testing – Gives a clear picture on what your mineral levels are – to help identify deficiencies.

Stool testing –  Comprehensive digestive stool analysis. From detecting different types of bad bacteria and viruses, to showing candida overgrowth or antibodies (saliva test) – stool testing is the best way to pin point whether something more is related to your digestive issues. It also help us to put together a clear protocol for healing these areas once they have shown in the tests.

Saliva testing – Detects candida antibodies, intestinal permeability, or shows complete liver detoxification profile (each is a separate test).

*Prices vary and these options are available in clinic during a consultation once we have discussed a treatment plan together. *