Women’s Weight loss Program

Lose weight while still being able to eat delicious food and enjoy treats!

Receive weekly coaching and daily support to keep you motivated and on track

What does this program contain?

 •A two month weight loss plan, designed to help you lose weight without being on a “diet”. Supporting you with the fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals you need to lose weight in a healthy sustainable way. NO LOW FAT SUBSTITUTES AND CALORIE COUNTING

 •Delicious nutritious recipes to keep you satisfied and inspired.

 •Meal plan for every meal over the two month period.

 •Supplement protocol to properly aid your body in weight loss and fat metabolism. *OPTIONAL* You do not need to purchase any supplements to do the program if you don’t want to, or can’t afford to. Entirely up to you.

 •Health fundamentals guide – What to eat, what to avoid

 •Pantry staples to help you on your journey and know what is helping or hindering your progress.

Throughout the 2 months I’ll be covering :

 •Meal planning 

 •Dropping the junk – breaking down the myths and the facts about what’s healthy when it comes to fat and sugar. 

 •Implementing Change (mindset for health, daily habit forming)

 •Motivation and staying on track. Goal setting & rewarding without using food

 •Sleep Fundamentals (how it affects weight and techniques to improve it)

 •Weekly contact to keep you accountable, motivated and supported. 

Weekly coaching and daily support to keep you motivated and on track

Access to a private Facebook page where I’ll hold live coaching videos and be available to answer any and all question you have about food or any other aspect of the course content during the program.